Never Silent

candle-2038736_1280Choke hold on my neck
Still I’m screaming loud
Silent, hereafter

Allow me to breathe
A moment of still
A harsh, retching breath

Still I’m screaming till

All Rights Reserved – Storm Cloud Kitty 2017
Picture by webandi

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You speak as if you

Are the only fact,

As if your word is

The one worth hearing.

Your perspective so

Crooked and swollen

It eats us all, our

Poor truths forgotten.

I don’t know how to

Form an opinion

Righteous enough to

Defeat your madness.

But apathy flaming,

So angry I’m scalding.

I have my history

And I have my legends

My stories run swiftly,

I’ll stand and replace you.

You forget

I am human too.

You forget

that I am not you.

All rights reserved – Storm Cloud Kitty 2017

picture by Alexas_Fotos

Not putting up with this shit!

A paper storm to sink your myths
These false doctrines which prophets sip
They tell me how they see me wrong
My rage will strip and shame this song
The tracks of tears that burned my heart
The sting of salt, of bitter smart
They shut me down and turn the screw
I’ll bite my lip and bleed for you
We’ll muscle in and steal the truth
We’ll write our song and burn the roof
A paper storm to shred their myths
What use is life without the risks

All Rights Reserved – Storm Cloud Kitty 2017

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No, thank you!

These flowered verses have no pull
Upon my heart, they’re over full
Of pallid couplets, twee and dull
Your talk of sunsets makes me ill

I will not be your goddess muse
upon a pillar; swift to bruise
Yourself with Keats, do not confuse.
My life’s my own concern to choose

I care not for your bleeding heart
Your wound for Calliope’s art.
So grow a pair! You useless fart
And from my timeline, please depart.

All Rights Reserved, Storm Cloud Kitty 2016


There’s a space on the page
A pause and a breath
The length unknown
Or just a moment dawning?
A heartbeat gone?
A change felt
From then to this,
From you to us?
The press of air against my back
Substantial and heavy
The silence oppresive
Write what you will
Scribble me out

All Rights Reserved Storm Cloud Kitty 2016

Cross Word

Bitter shouts
comments aside
12 down, begins with A
Divining rod measures your meaning
Our gaps hidden within the words
The silence is spoken, broken, fragmented
The bones are picked, the blisters unburst.
Fear of consequence, terror of truth
Monologues written on the cave of our hearts
Cryptic clues
Return to start,
Don’t speak, don’t hurt, just bury it deep
Beware the scars the truth might leave.
Beware the answers written first.

All rights reserved. Storm Cloud Kitty 2016