You speak as if you

Are the only fact,

As if your word is

The one worth hearing.

Your perspective so

Crooked and swollen

It eats us all, our

Poor truths forgotten.

I don’t know how to

Form an opinion

Righteous enough to

Defeat your madness.

But apathy flaming,

So angry I’m scalding.

I have my history

And I have my legends

My stories run swiftly,

I’ll stand and replace you.

You forget

I am human too.

You forget

that I am not you.

All rights reserved – Storm Cloud Kitty 2017

picture by Alexas_Fotos



Coincidence is no disguise
Its gauzy mesh does nothing
But hides the subtleties of crafted lies.
A lace pretence which falls in swathes
Noted by all alike.
The knowing glance, the “See that?” dig,
The “Fuck me!” smile, the “Just us” wink
Lead you down a well-lit path
The shadows thin, but still they dance.
We can see you flirting
We can all see you flirting.

All Rights Reserved – Storm Cloud Kitty 2017

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