To Trace Your Shape

Oh how I long to trace your shape
With inquiring fingertips
From fragile nape to hollow back
I stroke and watch
You stretch and buck.

You come with sighs and tiny moans
Sweet sounds that pull straight through my core
Like keys with strings tuned sharp and loud.
You moan, you pluck,
I clutch your hand.

Your skin so warm, but marble pale
And salted, wet with beads of sweat
And overwhelmed, I drink you in.
Like honey wine,
You taste sublime.

All rights reserved, Storm Cloud Kitty 2018


Read Me

My open legs an open book
A secret locked, now spilling down
And you will read between my sheets
Every yearning, every sound
Every wish kept moist and sweet
Till there’s no secret underneath

All rights reserved, Storm Cloud Kitty 2018
Picture courtesy of Tookapic
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