There’s a space on the page
A pause and a breath
The length unknown
Or just a moment dawning?
A heartbeat gone?
A change felt
From then to this,
From you to us?
The press of air against my back
Substantial and heavy
The silence oppressive
Write what you will
Scribble me out

All Rights Reserved – Alicia Fitton 2016

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3 thoughts on “Insubstantial

  1. E is not Empty

    I won’t scribble you away,
    or toss your soul.
    Not leave you faceless
    or tormented
    by a blank page.
    I see you
    launching with joy
    at your clutched letter.
    A publisher
    of humanity
    wanting to find your
    joy, your footstep
    that will take you into eternity
    with other poets who await you.


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