Storm Cloud Kitty is sometimes a poetess, but sometimes someone else entirely….

Alicia Fitton is a performance poet based near Manchester, UK. She writes about lust, guilt, lies and justified feminist rage. She would like to add more mice and tentacles. Alicia is a perfectionist who also enjoys dressing up, dancing and playing with swords. Storm Cloud Kitty is also a Space Pirate.

You can now buy my debut mini-collection of 22 poems on love, sex and lies, called So Tightly Wound from Amazon via Kindle or Paperback. The book includes several previously unpublished poems as well as favourites published on the website. If you enjoy it, please leave a review!

I am very please to announce that from Jan 2023 I’ll be co-hosting the fabulous and award winning Verbose, spoken word evening alongside the wonderful Lisa O’Hare and Ilaria Passeri.

Verbose is usually on the last Monday of each month at the Kings Arms, Salford. Follow @verboseMcr on instagram or Facebook for details.

Comments on this site are welcome. Copyright remains with me, but you may quote or reproduce these poems for personal use provided credit is given. Where appropriate, a link back to this site is appreciated. 

The images used here are under a creative commons license courtesy of Pixabay.

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