Truth and Lies

Coincidence is no disguise
Its gauzy mesh does nothing
But hides the subtleties of crafted lies.


I’ve loved so far beyond my means
Last spring I gave her all my leaves
And I have grown so thin and worn
In bark I clothed her supple form
She begged for more.


blue-eyes-237438_1280.jpgLosing it…
No innocent dream
She’s your guilty pleasure
A raw, bloody wound
The just won’t heal over


You sit there staring at me
A thousand questions in your eyes



ivy-1476907_1280-e1513357981225.jpgCompanion Piece
In my eyes you are dark leaf and shadow
Bright gilded bronze, my messenger and muse



stones-106457_1280-e1513358904613.jpgSlot Gap
There’s a slot in your life where your girlfriend fits.
That slot isn’t my slot, I’ll not be that woman.



crossword-puzzle-819088_1280-e1513287029899.jpgCross Word
Bitter shouts
comments aside
12 down, begins with A


In your eyes I am blue sea and broad sky
Goddess of love, of fun, sex and sweat.



fantasy-girl-1082212_1920My Love is an Ocean of Guilt
My love is an ocean of guilt
Formed by the sweat that runs down her thighs.