Missing You

There’s a space on the page….

Between us a sea
An ocean of figures
Of meanings and photos
To lap at our shore…

Rhythm and Motion
I staretrain-690494_1280
At the busy, boring pattern of the velour seat.
So many shades of brown
And not one of them a match
For the colour of your skin…

Radio Silencebanner-1176676_1280
The airwaves crackle with restless energy
The static of hungry expectation
The length of never stretches on and on
For the elastic to snap

Knowing better, doing it anywayeye-1132531_1280
I am foolish, I’ve come out without my coat.
I am foolish, I’ve come out without my clothes

ocean-view-1149750_1280Alone in this place
I’m a small piece of driftwood
I wait on the tideline
and miss you like fuck.