woman-1966333_1280.jpgTell Me…
Tell me again how close you are
Just inches from my touch



Like a cat
Stalking his prey
You watch me dance
And I wonder….


Slippery velvet
Plush and plump
Pearls of beaded


grotto-985590_1280-e1513356352464.jpgSea witch
The sea, her song is sweet
But she rages,
How she rages…


train-690494_1280-e1513289130529.jpgRhythm and Motion
I stare
At the busy, boring pattern of the velour seat.
So many shades of brown
And not one of them a match
For the colour of your skin…


Kiss Meface-731510_1280-e1513356756201.jpg
I see your grin
And I know what you’re thinking
I feel a flutter,
My nipples grow hard…


ivy-1476907_1280.jpgCompanion Piece
In my eyes you are dark leaf and shadow
Bright gilded bronze, my messenger and muse



stockings-699010_1280Save Me
Take the ribbon from my hair
Blood against the bone white sheet
Tie it tight around your wrist


Knowing better, doing it anyway
I am foolish, I’ve come out without my coat.
I am foolish, I’ve come out without my clothes


Stone of the Ages
A bold figure stands in the valley of shadow
A statue of rock between two moss lined walls


In your eyes I am blue sea and broad sky
Goddess of love, of fun, sex and sweat.


poitiers-258256_1280.jpgThe Calling…
“Come to me,” her whisper beckons…



My Love is an Ocean of Guilt
My love is an ocean of guilt
Formed by the sweat that runs down her thighs.