Tell Me…
Tell me again how close you arewoman-1966333_1280
Just inches from my touch

Like a cat
Stalking his prey
You watch me dance
And I wonder….

Slippery velvet
Plush and plump
Pearls of beaded

Sea witchgrotto-985590_1280
The sea, her song is sweet
But she rages,
How she rages…

Rhythm and Motion
I staretrain-690494_1280
At the busy, boring pattern of the velour seat.
So many shades of brown
And not one of them a match
For the colour of your skin…

Kiss Meface-731510_1280
I see your grin
And I know what you’re thinking
I feel a flutter,
My nipples grow hard…

Companion Pieceivy-1476907_1280
In my eyes you are dark leaf and shadow
Bright gilded bronze, my messenger and muse

Save Melace-177104_1280
Take the ribbon from my hair
Blood against the bone white sheet
Tie it tight around your wrist

Knowing better, doing it anywayeye-1132531_1280
I am foolish, I’ve come out without my coat.
I am foolish, I’ve come out without my clothes

Stone of the Agesnature-768452_1280
A bold figure stands in the valley of shadow
A statue of rock between two moss lined walls

In your eyes I am blue sea and broad sky
Goddess of love, of fun, sex and sweat.

The Calling…poitiers-258256_1280
“Come to me,” her whisper beckons…

My Love is an Ocean of Guiltfantasy-girl-1082212_1920
My love is an ocean of guilt
Formed by the sweat that runs down her thighs.