The Monster at the Cliff Edge – Love Song for the Kraken

I wait on the cliff, a willing sacrifice. A high priestess, pure, but not innocent. My conscience shattered in the howling winds. My blood thrums with the roar of the ocean, a symphony of motion that sings to my soul. The future me awaits in a mouthful of blood and I am hungry for the teeth; desperate for the tearing.

The north wind howls with the rising storm and whips the sea into torrents of foam. The teeth of white horses snap at my hair and wrench my limbs.  The wind is a piercing scream of ecstasy against the deep hum of the ocean’s roar. I hold my breath as a wave crashes over. It smashes me back against the granite, and grinds my flesh against the rock as if turning me to sand. But this is not my destiny, bronze cuffs hold me fast, my arms stretched high in their sockets. I will not slip nor slide away.

I think back to the numerous processions, the numerous musicians with drums and tambourines that led me to this place. I remember the pride in my mother’s voice as she boasted of her daughter’s beauty, spoke of my sister’s grace. I recall the cold sputtering of temple lamps in response. So many prayers go unanswered and yet the Gods listen when we least intend it.

The Gods have always listened to me, I am blessed with their favour. I was born during the spring festival and my mother strained while choirs sang and honest citizens poured their libation. Gaia smiled at me, tiny and mewling. She blessed me with strength and grace. “A handsome face.” They said of me, “A powerful gaze in one so young!”

My sister, Andromeda, escaped divine notice. She cowers back from the storm, tended by a legion of servants and hidden in the crook of my father’s arm. She is my mother’s golden girl, her praises sung daily to Mount Olympus. Her features are delicate and feminine. Her upturned nose inspires odes; her gentle contemplation is a model of virtue. It was easy for me to usurp her honour and take her place upon this ledge. Her face may be fairer than any in history, but the glory of the sacrifice will be wholly mine.

The Monster has been with us three sen-nights now. He came first on the day of the new year storm and tore out the hulls of my father’s ships. His anger like lightening, was frightening and sharp. I watched from the temple as he crushed his giant mass through the harbour mouth and fed on sailors young and old, he sucked up their bones and all of their juices. He was a thing of wonder, an awful terror of blood and strength.  The debris floated out on departing tides and then surged back on the morning shores.

My father brought offerings to the temple gates. He begged me intercede on the kingdom’s behalf, to ply the Goddess with thanks and honey. He offered her twenty women, sixty cows and a full summer’s harvest. I sung out his prayers and waited in silence. My Mistress sent dreams and insults in omens. She has no interest in cows and wheat, the maidens are already hers by right. What fool is he to think to tempt her? A sen-nights wishes fell on deaf ears, “She’ll owe you nothing.” I replied.

My mother came next, tearful and begging. She would offer her robes, her music and players. “Does the Goddess not wish for gaiety and laughter?”
“No, Mother,” I replied, “but perhaps the Monster does?” The players were eaten, much like the sailors. They screamed as he wrenched them limb from gory limb, but their screams lacked harmony and they did not please.

My sister came last, just one week ago. The harbour still blocked and food was now scarce; the fish swallowed up and people scared. She offered up herself, she owns nothing else. My Mistress thanked her!

I relayed the Goddess’ acceptance whilst my mother wailed and my father wept. The town began its first day of mourning, and my heart was wracked with grief and jealousy. So the beauty of my sister’s soul is a worthy prize to pacify a Goddess, to sate a Monster? In my dreams I have seen the creature crowned. I am his willing slave, his tender servant. He sits upon my father’s throne, the stone steps slippery with slime and gore. I rub oil upon his writhing limbs while he binds me to him, sweet and tight.

My sister is fair, she is not wise. She could not counsel such a one as he. She would flinch in the smother of his cruel embrace. “Fair Sister!” I cried, “Let me take your place.” My Mistress forbade it, I ignored her pleas. My parents looked grateful and though they made feeble protest in respect of the temple’s wishes, they did not stop me.

The Monster comes every evening to this place. He is smooth and slippery and enormous beyond compare. I am braced for him to rush me, riding the waves like a chariot, his jaw set with rows upon rows of jagged teeth to tear at my flesh in one great gulp of hungry deliverance, but I catch sight of him in glimpses. At first a shadow lingering, an uncertain shape lost in choppy waters. Then a writhing mass, bulging and surging, breaking the waves into unnatural swells. I hold my breath.

The wind drops and for a moment and I see him shift. Then he is gone and my mouth is full of salt water. I spit it out and brace myself afresh. There is a hush as the crowd waits. I am poised for glory. My sister weeps.

A tentacle, impossibly close, slithers up the cliff from below and wraps around my ankle. It’s like a rope of expanding and contracting muscle and it tickles my calf with a thousand tiny suckers, like a thousand tiny kisses, and then with exquisite pain, like a thousand tiny bites. A second feeler uncoils and prods its blunt end into the tender space behind my knee. It nuzzles the crook of my leg like a pet dog seeking comfort, then it pushes further up my thigh and finds its spot. I am held, pinioned. Fixed against the rocks not only by the chains, my pride and my mother’s boast, but by terror and delicious expectation.

I feel the tentacles flex, crushing and searching me, and then suddenly in a rush the Monster is there, looming before me. I can’t see his eyes so I stare down his throat. There are more tentacles than I can seem to count. I am cold and I had thought my skin numb, but the Monster’s touch burns with heat and I wonder if I will scald and blister. My concern is short lived, I can see the teeth coming towards me. They are sharp and pointed and sink into my breasts like needles. My heart drums louder and a gush of blood decorates my chest. The bronze cuffs break like butter beneath the power of his limbs and the Monster bears me suddenly aloft. He displays me to the crowd, his glorious prize! The pulse at my centre heaves and pulls. The tentacle swells and I contract, a shuddering a ball of broken flesh. He tears another lump from my breast and I am gone. I am his, and he swallows me down.

All Rights Reserved – Storm Cloud Kitty 2017

Blue Lace Dress

I stand in front of you with my hands on my hips and dare you to touch me. Just looking at me in this blue lace dress is already making you harder than you’ve ever been before. It clings tight to my body, following the curve of my shoulder to the dip of my waist and skims over toned thighs, coming to a flutter well before my knees. You follow my outline with your hands, pulling me towards you, stroking me, priming me, the lace rucking beneath your fingers. My skin is soft under the rasp of the lace.

You feel your balls tightening from the blood pumping round.  One of my nipples pokes through a hole in the lace and begs you to suck it. Your cock swells further and fills with heat. In your imagination my breasts are two sizes larger, but the reality isn’t disapointing and I want my tits in your mouth. They strain towards you. Asking. Tempting.

I’m so wet with needing you that juices are running down my thigh. I take action and push you back down into the chair and kneel over you, dress hitched up, my tits in your face. My nipples are just so close to your mouth, you can’t help but lick me. I push them into you, can you take more? I’m burning now with desire and want. You suck hard on me and I breathe you in. You smell like spiced lime and sandalwood.

Your hands sneak under my dress and climb my thighs till you grasp the soft round mass of my bottom. One of your fingers is deliciously close to my asshole. I can feel the edge of the tickle like a ruffle of silk. I wriggle around to shift your grip and move your fingers closer. You reward me with a series of fluttering caresses that drive me higher and tighter. I’m so close to coming and yet I’m empty and deprived, I need you inside me.

You move your mouth to my other breast and rasp your teeth over the nipple making me squeal, the urge to keep sucking is strong and you can feel your cock pushing and rubbing against the denim of your jeans. You want to push into me, have me ride you hard. You thrust up to me, desperate to connect. I unbutton your fly and release you, stroking and soothing, pumping and coaxing.

I rub my tongue over the stubble on your unshaved cheek and think about bending down and sucking you up.  I want you in my mouth and my cunt at once. I want to taste the salty tang of you. I want to have you fill me to the brink. I imagine the press of your cock against my tongue, the fullness in my cunt.

You make the decision for me, throwing back your head and demanding I fuck you. I kiss you hard as I lower myself onto you. A tight, hot glove; we fit together perfectly. As I lean back, I can feel you rubbing against the sweet spot inside me. Its a high pitched note, sweet and sharp. I need more…Don’t stop!

I move steadily, slowly. I won’t let you thrust and its a gradual torture, but your patience is perfect. I feel so full; of cock, of need. You know I’m close, you keep fluttering my ass and sucking on my nipple and now my entire body feels like it might fly apart in one enormous spasm. My cunt grips and releases and grips you harder again. Its almost impossble not to give in, but you know its worth the wait. I come hard. I shudder and shatter and cry out. My muscles beat around you and over you and I pick up the pace thrusting faster and pounding harder. Crying out with each peak and urging you on into a sensation so exquisite that you almost miss the buzz as your balls contract and your orgasm rushes through you and into me. I keep moving, sucking the last tendrils of sensation out of you until you’re a jagged mass of contradiction. Sensitive and responsive, numb and exhausted.

I climb off you then, exhausted and damp. I rearrange my dress and then settle back on the sofa against you. You hold me gently in your arms. You love me. I love you too.

All Rights Reserved, Storm Cloud Kitty 2016


I put the baby to bed. I read her a story about a cat and a mouse, then close her bedroom door and go downstairs. In the dining room, the table has been set with exquisite care; a meticulous scenario for by the book romance: a creamy linen table cloth, our best china and polished cutlery, tea lights placed in little groups around the walls to create pools of shadow, silk damask curtains screen the tedium of a February evening.

My husband is in the kitchen. He keeps one eye on a dish of cannelloni browning in the oven, whilst pouring two glasses of wine from a bottle of red, and decanting shiny black olives into a miniscule, but trendy, finger bowl. My husband is a good looking man. He is lean and long, with broad shoulders and pale skin. He looks up at me and smiles. Its a knowing smile, like warm chocolate sauce.

I am wet with anticipation. Earlier at work, he told me he’d made plans; tonight we would eat out at home, tonight he would lay me out on the dining table and eat me for desert. Later, after everyone had gone he fucked me hard on the desk. We came hard, panting and shouting (well I was shrieking), and I wondered if dinner would be saved for a later occasion, but then on the way home we stopped at the supermarket…

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